Linear Systems

FX 35 FX 45 AND FX 65 FEATURES  A timeless, smooth, rectangular profile  Great for building linear structures  Modules suitable for connecting in lines, following lengths available: 980 mm, 1465 mm, 1950 mm  Direct/indirect light distribution  Separate lighting control for the top and bottom module  4 different optics  Darkpoint diffuser – no glare, no surface reflections  A parabolic louvre for excellent glare protection  A microprismatic diffuser for good glare protection  An opal diffuser for high lighting uniformity  Maximum application flexibility  An evenly illuminated opal bottom diffuser  A luminous efficacy of up to 145 lm/W  Two color temperatures: 3000K and 4000K  Intuitive installation of the optics in the CLICK system  Smooth suspension spacing regulation makes it possible to adjust the structure to the installation area  A power supply integrated in the luminaire  A set of connectors for the effortless construction of spatial structures  HO version – the highest light output  HE version – the highest efficiency  ON/OFF or DALI lighting control  Emergency versions with an emergency operation duration of up to 3h  A luminaire housing made of powder-coated and anodized aluminum profile  A cover made of die-cast aluminumwithout visible screws  Access to the power supply makes it possible to replace it without using tools  LED module installed on a white-painted aluminum profile that also functions as a reflector horizontal 90 ˚ tee 90 ˚ cross 90 ˚ cross 90 ˚ corner 90 ˚ tee 90 ˚ pendant